Buying a new home is an exciting yet challenging task, and it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of decorating, furniture and gardening. However, it’s crucial not to overlook the plumbing system, which is a vital part of your home that can significantly impact your daily life. Here are some essential plumbing checks for a new home to ensure a smooth transition.

Locate the shut-off valves. Identify the location of shut-off valves for individual fixtures and the main water supply. Knowing how to turn off the water should be the first thing you do as it can be crucial in case of emergencies and save significant damage and time.

Inspect for leaks. Begin by checking for any visible leaks under sinks, around toilets, and in the basement. Water stains on walls or ceilings may indicate a hidden leak. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent water damage and mould growth in the long term.

Test the water pressure. Check the water pressure in taps and showers. Inconsistent pressure could be a sign of clogged pipes or potential issues with the water supply. A qualified plumber can identify and address these problems.

Examine the boiler. Assess the age and condition of the boiler. Boilers have a shelf live before they become unreliable and inefficient. If yours is older than 10-15 years old, consider budgeting for a replacement. Additionally, ensure there is no corrosion or signs of leakage around the unit. A boiler service is a wise precaution to take to ensure all is in good working order and this should be carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer.

Check the toilets and taps for drips. A continuously running toilet or dripping tap can waste a significant amount of water and increase your utility bills. This can be a relatively simple fix for a qualified plumber that could save significant money long term.

Look for signs of rust. Check for any signs of rust on pipes, fixtures, or the boiler. Rust can lead to corrosion and weaken the plumbing system. Organise to replace any corroded parts to prevent future issues sooner rather than later.

A thorough plumbing inspection when moving into a new home is essential for a hassle-free living experience. Identifying and addressing potential issues early on can save you from unexpected expenses and inconveniences in the long run. Don’t let plumbing problems dampen the joy of your new home—take the time to ensure everything flows smoothly from the start.

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