As we head into October and the colder months get closer, many people find themselves asking when it’s time to switch on the heating. Striking the balance between comfort and health, and energy efficiency and fuel costs. Here is what to consider before switching on your heating.

  • Weather forecast – let’s face it the British weather is not predictable and where there are snowy and icy Octobers, there are also very mild ones. Keep an eye on the upcoming week’s and month’s predictions in weather to get an idea of how low the temperatures are likely to be and so when it’s going to get cold enough.
  • Insulation and energy efficiency of your home – The level of insulation varies between homes and can depend on age, building materials, location, and any additional insulation that’s been put in such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Internal thermometers are inexpensive and can be used to see how cold it is in your home, or most smart heating systems have a digital thermostat, some that are even linked to your phone or tablet.
  • Your personal comfort level – Some people are walking around in shorts all year round and some people feel the chill by 6 o’clock during a summer BBQ. You’ll know if you run warm or cold, and it’s worth bearing in mind that even if there are those that don’t need the heat, you can always adjust radiators around the home to meet the needs of each person.
  • Is your heating system ready to be switched on? – If you’ve not had your heating on for a while, it’s advisable to perform some routine maintenance checks. Make sure that the heating system is clean and in good working condition. If you’ve not had your boiler serviced for over a year now might be the right time, and a qualified engineer will also be able to tell you if any additional work such as a power flush is needed.

If you’re looking for a boiler service or want an experienced professional to check your heating system is in tip top shape ready for the winter, get in touch with Deacon Plumbing and Heating today.