A central heating Powerflush is a cleaning process for your boiler carried out by plumbers and heating engineers that removes any dirt, rust, or debris that has accumulated in the heating system over time.

Without a central heating Powerflush these substances will remain in your boiler and heating system, and could eventually cause blockages or corrosion. This will eventually reduce the efficiency of your boiler or even lead to a breakdown that requires an emergency plumber.

Why do you need a central heating Powerflush?

A regular Powerflush is a good idea to keep your system in great condition, but if you’ve never had one and you’re unsure, there are a number of signs that could let you know if your system needs a Powerflush.

These include leaks or cold spots in your radiators or they constantly need bleeding, noise from your radiators or boiler, if your heating takes a long time to warm up, dirty water when bleeding radiators, and worst of all – frequent breakdowns.

You might not need a Powerflush as often as you need a boiler service, but it’s still a regular piece of maintenance you need to consider.

The additional benefits of getting one

In addition to your system being more reliable and less likely to break down, your boiler and radiators will last longer, and your system will run more efficiently – potentially reducing heating bills.

Getting a Powerflush with Deacon Heating and Plumbing

Deacon Heating and Plumbing offer a range of boiler services including installation and servicing. We are currently offering a free power flush with any boiler fitting. Get in touch online to find out more, or call us on 07813522084.