Saving energy isn’t just good for the environment, it helps you to save money on energy bills, which is one of the leading concerns for all households at the moment. Little things can add up to a really big difference in your energy bills and involve next to no effort.

Saving energy by switching off electric items

Switch off bathroom items lights and extractor fans when not in use, and unplug electrical items like hair dryers, electric razors, and only charge items like electric toothbrushes when needed. This sounds like a small thing but over time this can make a difference.

Change to energy-saving lightbulbs

Swapping your light bulbs for energy-saving ones can make a big difference on your energy bill. Generally, the most energy-efficient lighting available is the Light Emitting Diode (LED). A quality LED produces the most light with the least electricity, saving you money on lighting. This is something you can phase in around the entire house.

Ensure your boiler is working efficiently

An annual boiler service is for more than just safety and insurance. A Gas Safe boiler engineer will be able to ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible, making sure that your hot water and bathroom heating isn’t costing you any more than it needs to be.

Use cold water where possible

Obviously, this isn’t for baths and showers, especially in the winter! However, where you’re able to, try and use cold water rather than hot for things like rinsing your toothbrush and cleaning the sink.

Use less water

Being slightly quicker in the shower naturally means you’ll use less energy. Check how long you take and see if you can reduce it by even a minute. Doing this on a regular basis can save energy over time.

Saving energy with Deacon Plumbing and Heating

Get in touch with Deacon Plumbing and Heating about ways that you can save money in your bathroom with annual boiler services as well as new bathroom installation.