Most people are looking to save money on heating this winter as fuel prices remain high, but instead of heading straight to the electric blanket, there are some tips you can use for saving money using your heating and boiler.

Lowering your thermostat

The World Health Organisation says that 18°C is enough for healthy adults, with slightly higher temperatures needed for the very old or young. However, many people have their thermostats set in their 20s. While reducing your thermostat from 21°C to 20°C doesn’t sound much, it can actually reduce your heating bill by up to 10%.

Reduce the flow temperate in your boiler

If you have a combi boiler – which is the most common type of boiler – a good way to save money on heating is to reduce the flow temperature. This is essentially the water that circulates around the system and heats your radiators. It’s usually set higher than needed by default and therefore doesn’t operate in its most efficient mode.

Doing this might mean your home takes slightly longer to heat up, but your heating will still keep your home warm. You can ask a boiler engineer to do this in the course of your annual boiler service.

Bleed and monitor your radiators

By bleeding your radiators you ensure that there is no air in the radiator that the heating system can fail to heat. You can also turn down any radiators in rooms you don’t regularly use, for example, a spare room only occasionally used or a dining room only used at the weekend.

Save money on heating with a boiler service

An annual boiler service isn’t important just for safety and to ensure the boiler lasts as long as possible. In a boiler service, they will ensure that you can save money on heating by checking the insulation, the flow temperature, and general settings to ensure a boiler is working as efficiently as possible.

A Gas Safe boiler engineer will also be able to advise on when it might be time to consider a new boiler. Many of the older boilers use much more energy and it can often work out cheaper in the long term to install a new boiler.

Save money on heating with Deacon Plumbing and Heating

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