Saving energy in your home has been in the news consistently ever since the price of gas and electricity started to soar, with people eager to keep their energy costs down at home wherever they could. Now there is confirmation that the cost of energy is starting to go down – albeit nowhere near as low as it was before the cost of living crisis – this doesn’t mean that households should stop the drive the reduce the use of energy in their homes.

Saving energy might well be a money saving exercise, as even with the price falling the cost of energy is still a significant household bill compared to what it was, but it is also important in order to reduce your carbon footprint and limit your negative impact on the environment.

Three-quarters of adults in Great Britain worry about climate change, and those that are worried about climate change are also more likely to make changes to their lifestyle in response. Whilst cutting back on single use plastic, recycling cans, and thrifting items instead of throwing them in the bin can make a good dent in the impact you have on the environment, it’s energy saving measures that can have the biggest impact.

Keeping a boiler in good working condition is probably more important than a lot of people realise and so it isn’t surprising to find out that most people completely forget to service their boiler. A dirty boiler is an inefficient boiler, and if a boiler isn’t inefficient, it will require more fuel to do its job. A regular boiler service can prevent soot from accumulating, which will enable a boiler to run smoothly. This in turn will reduce fuel consumption, keeping energy bills lower.

Another energy saving measure is making sure that your home is well insulated with loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, well sealed doors and windows, making sure there aren’t draughts, and even heat insulating curtains and blinds.

Something as simple as making sure you switch items not in use off when they’re not in use will also help, such as TVs left on standby, phones and laptops charging beyond they need to be, and lights on in empty rooms.

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