Water is an essential resource that we often take for granted but there are a number of reasons to work to reduce the amount of water that we use. Not only is it important to save water to help the environment at a time where global warming and natural resources are a concern, but saving water will also save money for those of us on a water metre. A few simple changes can significantly reduce water use; here are some of the top five ways to save water.

1. Fix Leaks:
Even a small tap leak can waste 5,500 litres of water a year – enough to fill a paddling pool every week for the whole summer. Regularly check for leaks in your plumbing and promptly get them repaired. By getting a qualified plumber to fix leaks, you can prevent water wastage and save money on your water bill.

2. Install efficient fixtures:
Old and inefficient bathroom or kitchen fixtures will be wasting water. Water-saving, energy efficient alternatives such as low-flow showerheads, taps, and toilets can significantly reduce water usage without compromising on bathroom design or performance. These fixtures are easy to implement as part of a new bathroom design or as a one off fixture.

3. Take shorter showers:
Long showers consume a significant amount of water. Cutting your shower to 5 minutes could save nearly 200m litres of water every day – which is like leaving the tap running for 60 years.

4. Collecting rainwater:
Harvesting rainwater is an excellent way to conserve water. You can do this by setting up a water butt connected to your drainpipe or a rain barrel in your garden, and this water can be used later for watering plants or washing cars.

5. Run full loads of washing or dishes
Whether it’s your dishwasher or washing machine, ensure you only run them only when they are full, as running these appliances with partial loads wastes water and energy.

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