The rise in energy costs that have occurred this winter has made everyone look to make their central heating use as efficient as possible. If, in order to do that, you’re looking to replace an old boiler with a new boiler installation, it’s worth considering smart thermostats and how, when used to their full potential, they can ensure your home is warm and comfortable whilst reducing your energy consumption.

Remote access

With a smart thermostat, there is no need to worry if you forget to switch your heating off, or if you’re out for longer than you meant to be, they can also help you stop your heating from coming on when it’s not needed as you expected.  One of the key benefits of smart thermostats is that they are connected but Wi-Fi, enabling you to access them from your smartphone, wherever you are.

Easy to create a heating schedule

Another good way to conserve energy using a smart thermostat is to set a weekly schedule, with the right heating for the different days, for example, different for weekends or weekdays. You can then adapt that remotely or when you’re in the house when you need to.

Subtly change the temperatures to save energy

Independent tests have shown that reducing the temperature set by your thermostat by just one degree, for example from 20°C to 19°C, can reduce energy consumption by up to 7%, which is a surprisingly significant amount for just one degree.

A smart thermostat makes it easier to be that exact with your temperature settings, in a way that isn’t possible with an old fashion dial. You can also do this at any time, for example when you’re more active around the house doing jobs and so aren’t likely to be as cold.

Getting a smart thermostat with your boiler installation

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